March 2021 Interview with Victor Lange, a PhD-fellow at the University of Copenhagen, about Meditation, wellbeing, metacognition, existential awareness and even illusory nature of reality

07/20/2017      Research demonstrations and interview for BBC1 documentary series ‘How to Stay Young’, aired on BBC1 in September 2017.

09/18/2016      BBC Wales Science Café interview on neuroscience of lucid dreaming.

01/20/2016     Contribution to a televised and written reports by BBC Wales News on Mindfulness in Schools.

07/09/2014      Interviewed for BBC 4 Radio Programme (Woman’s Hour) on Neuroscience of Depression and Anxiety

05/20/2014      Interviewed by Irish RTE Radio 1 science show ‘What’s it all about?’ about meditation and happiness

In writing

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